Red Rubber Duck's Learning & Study Skill Guide
Red Rubber Duck's Learning & Study Skill Guide 

Ingredients of Success

Are you still waiting for life to fit perfectly into your current circumstances? Don’t waste your time! Take things into your own hands. You have just been appointed CEO of your own life.


I. Dream!

First and foremost, you need to know that you can get wherever you want, be whatever you want to be. Second, do not accept limitations that other people place on you—and get rid of limitations you put on yourself! Learn to follow your intuition and define your aspirations. Do you want to go for another degree? Maybe you want to take a major step in your life? Even though it scares you? If so, congratulations! Now, imagine and describe your future in the brightest of colors. Be enthusiastic, be ambitious; aim high, and write it all down—it will happen in your mind, first, but you need to see it to make your plan.

II. Be the CEO of your own Life!

Are you still waiting for the perfect teacher, the perfect institution, or the perfect book? Are you still waiting for life to fit perfectly into your current circumstances? Don’t waste your time! Take things into your own hands. You have just been appointed the CEO of your own life. From now on, don’t blame other people for your underachievements, missed opportunities, and frustrations. Instead, define what you can be, determine what you can do. . . and DO IT!

III. Find yourself a Guide!

Be on the lookout for someone you can share major projects with. Look for someone who truly believes in your project and—and, this is crucial—in you. Look for someone who has already accomplished what you have set out to do. When you find the right fit, reflect about your project with your guide and allow your guide to help you walk over the rocky roads that lie ahead. Empower your guide to remind you along the way that the destination is worth the work.

IV. Use State-of-the-Art Techniques!

Familiarize yourself with the most important techniques and tools in your field. No matter how intelligent, motivated, and interested you are, smart use of techniques can multiply the return on your investment. You go for a hike in the mountains? Don't forget your compass and the map. If you set out to go for another degree, familiarize yourself with the basic algebra of the art of studying and learning.

V. Walk the Talk

The door is open, enter . . . right now!


2023 Landmarks for Orientation


Here are some life-in-general considerations that I personally use for orientation:


1. Focus on the Individual


Look at people as individuals - not as parts of groups.


2. Facts & Figures First


Focus on facts, figures & evidence, taking into account human nature.


3. Beware of Ideologies


 Build concepts "bottom up", from your own experiences.


4. Create, don't Cry


Solve problems, don't only explain them.


5. Von Nichts kommt Nichts


Whatever products or services we enjoy, "many somebodies" had to invest resources, and to make it happen.


(still figuring out a  suitable version of this idea in English) 


2024 Questions to Ask


Last not least, here are three questions that I recommend asking ourselves now and then:


1. "Who" pays for "it", financially, but also in terms of skin in the game? 


2. At what point are you willing to speak up against what you consider to be injustice, or a lie, even though you you have to pay some price for it?


3. How would you summarize your own "theory" of  human nature, including the aspects of evil, tragedy and potential?




With a background in intellectual property law, Dan Vandon has earned law degrees in several countries, a chore that led to perfecting the tools and techniques presented in Red Rubber Duck’s Learning & Study Skill Guide. "Red Rubber Duck's Learning & Study Skill Guide" is Dan Vandon’s personal recipe for dealing with an overflow of information and mastering exams — challenges 
faced by all students.

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